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I work with people who are fully committed to themselves, their business and creating a positive impact in the world.  If you’re ready to double, triple or 10X your business, contact me to book a FREE 30-minute Business Breakthrough session.

During this session, we’ll work together to… 

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate personal and professional success 
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your growth and keeping you working too many hours 
  • You’ll leave the session renewed, energized and inspired to take action!

Maria has mentored me both formally and informally for a couple of years now, especially around business strategy and development, and remains one of the first people who’s council I look for and trust above all others. She brings rare clarity to almost any situation, but for me it’s her blend of deep practical commercial experience and extensive people skills that sets her apart. She’s ‘been there’ but can also see beyond.

She’s a brilliant person to have in your corner, just don’t take too much of her time as I’ll likely need her as well!

Matt Koster-Marcon

CEO and Founder, Learning Ladders

I have been working with Maria for a short time and can honestly say, after years with a multitude of different business coaches, none were as effective or gently persuasive in their approach as Maria. She has an uncanny ability to find out whatever issue you barely want to look at and with laser focus, helps you sort the fluff from the stuff and get you on track. I have made more progress in this short time than I have in years.

Maria deals with the emotional restraints while providing practical action steps to take on strategy and performance for my team, which I have struggled with for years. I can’t thank her enough and really look forward to our sessions, as she continues to probe and push me in a meaningful direction.

Louise Lucas

CEO and Founder, Property Education Company

2. Wellness for Individuals and Groups

Do you want to transform your stress into resilience and live your life with more health, happiness and heart?

Do you have goals that you want to achieve but “something” keeps getting in the way?

Do you wish there was someone friendly, supportive and professional who could guide you along the journey you want to make?

As an officially trained HeartMath Coach, I will work with you to help you learn the HeartMath system. I’m highly skilled in empowering people to develop mental, physical and emotional self-awareness and in training people in the HeartMath coherence self-regulation techniques.

Working together, I will help you to discover who you really are, what you really want and how to Add Heart to your decisions, relationships, work and aspirations.

I can also train you how to get the most from your Inner Balance™ or emWave® biofeedback technology.

As one of Maria’s business development clients, I’ve found the work hugely beneficial for me personally, and my business. She gives very practical, actionable advice that I put into practice immediately and see results quickly. She is inspiring and motivating and I am getting more productive each and every day. Well worth the investment, I would highly recommend Maria.

Alex Melia

Managing Director, Swoosh English

Maria was recommended to me by a good friend at a time when I was really needing some guidance, more in my personal life than anything. However, I very nearly chose not to work with her simply because I was worried that my finances wouldn’t be able to cope with the commitment. 

This was about 7/8 months ago and I can honestly say that going ahead and working with her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I feel happier now and more content than I think I ever have done in my life, and that is largely down to Maria’s help and guidance.

Having been worried about my finances, with Maria’s help my business has made more money in the past 6 months than I ever have before, so working with her has paid for itself several times over!

Cal Eastwood

Managing Director, Sports Trader