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1. Heart Health for Headteachers Programme

Learn how to reduce stress the moment it arises with scientifically validated strategies

Dr. Carla Stanton and I designed this unique programme specifically for Headteachers.

It’s made up of 4 x two-hour live sessions. They can be for individuals or small groups of between 4 and 8 participants, perfect for your MAT or LA cluster group.

The programme can be in person or online, depending on your location.

By the end of the four sessions, you will be able to:

  • Measurably improve your Heart Rate Variability; a key marker of your heart health.
  • Boost brain health and cognitive function to protect against decline.
  • Reduce anxiety, panic, stress or feelings of overwhelm the moment they occur.
  • Reduce the impact of stress before, during, and after a difficult conversation or challenging situation.
  • Improve your ability to problem-solve and communicate effectively in the face of challenge or crisis.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep, and more, supported by biofeedback technology so you can see the impact in real time.

“The Heart Health for Headteachers programme is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s completely changed me as a professional.”

James Newman

Headteacher, Epsom and Ewell High School

“The course has really allowed me the opportunity to reflect on the stresses of my leadership role and offered me simple and effective ways to support my wellbeing, allowing me to perform better in my role. Maria’s approach was calm and supportive, and I have really valued both the content and the structure of the course.”

Clare Goldsmith

Headteacher, Woodmansterne Primary School

“The sessions were not only fascinating but also gave me extremely effective tools for managing stress and well-being. The course provided an opportunity to spend time with my headteacher colleagues, making stronger professional relationships that mean we can effectively support each other. I am looking forward to now sharing this with leaders, staff and hopefully pupils in school.”

Rebecca Williams

Headteacher, Auriol Junior School

“I loved the course in its entirety. I looked forward to the face-to-face sessions immensely as Maria put us at ease and allowed us to be vulnerable. There is something so powerful in people sharing openly and honestly. This course is a must for anyone trying to be their best every day.”

James Knights

Headteacher, Sythwood


2. Leadership Coaching

Personalised Leadership, Health & Wellbeing 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Step into a dedicated space for reflection, growth, and professional development. 

Tailored to your unique needs, aspirations, and challenges, our sessions provide a supportive and confidential environment.

My ultimate goal is to help you thrive in your role as a headteacher, create a positive impact within your school community, and achieve personal and professional fulfillment. 

Through my tailored coaching approach, we will work together to unlock your full potential and make a lasting difference in your professional journey.

The sessions that I had with Maria lifted my day. Her gentle yet incisive approach brought clarity and enabled me to prioritise my thoughts and actions. The sessions were a lifeboat in a choppy sea.

Claire Berry

Headteacher, Birchanger Primary School

3. Group Facilitation

Empowering your group to reach its full potential

Effective group dynamics and collaboration is vital in achieving remarkable outcomes. As your facilitator, you can expect a transformative experience for your team, whether it’s a team-building workshop, strategic planning session, or brainstorming event.

With my expertise and deep understanding of educational leadership and wellbeing, I will create a dynamic and engaging environment for your group. As a skilled facilitator, I will guide the process, fostering open communication, encouraging active participation, and ensure your objectives are met.

No matter the size of your group, I will adapt my approach to your specific needs, aligning with your goals and objectives. With my focus on wellbeing, leadership development and productive teamwork, I aim to empower your group to reach its full potential, driving meaningful outcomes and fostering a sense of shared ownership.

As organisations grow and reach an inflexion point, leaders must respond and take action. Maria led our trust leaders and head teachers in The Good Shepherd Trust, a multi academy trust of 18 schools, throughout the day to stimulate discussion and take strategic decisions as we move into the next phase of a growing organisation.

Maria quickly ensured engagement from the group and used her knowledge and skills to understand what we wanted from the day, and how it would be achieved.

I can highly recommend Maria as a facilitator, and we will certainly maintain our relationship for future support from Maria.

Alex Clark

Chief Education Officer, The Good Shepherd Trust

4. Speaking

Sharing valuable insights to inspire headteachers into prioritising their wellbeing

As an Educational Leadership and Wellbeing Specialist, I am available to speak at events on the topic of Health and Wellbeing in Headteachers.

Drawing on the extensive research conducted by Pursuit Wellbeing, I delve into the compelling connection between chronic stress and coronary heart disease.

I share scientifically validated techniques that effectively reduce the impact of stress and enhance heart health, and offer valuable insights and actionable strategies that empower headteachers to prioritise their wellbeing and cultivate a healthier heart.

I aim to empower headteachers with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive both personally and professionally.